Use of Deadly Force

The Elements of Deadly Force

The use of deadly force to stop an attack on you or someone else requires that the aggressor present three elements of aggression for you to justify deadly force. The aggressor must have the -- A –Ability O - Opportunity – to put you in imminent - J- Jeopardy Of — • Death • Serious Injury • Forcible Sexual Penetration The aggressor must demonstrate the intent or will to carry out the attack. Deadly force can only be used to protect people , you or another person under like circumstances. Deadly force cannot be used to protect property from theft or destruction. Your intent is self-defense only. • Not Anger • Not Revenge

What you should do --- Deescalate and Retreat if possible.

Pointing a firearm in at another person in a threatening manner and without justification is considered felonious assault and may also create a same response from the other person. Call 911

What you should not do –

• Point a firearm at someone to scare or intimidate. • Shot at a fleeing suspect or aggressor. • Attempt to take law enforcement action. • Chase people • Shoot at a motor vehicle. • Shoot into the air to scare someone.

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