Rights and Responsibility The Training Process and YOUR BOOK

The BookShelf Presentation

The Rights and Responsibility Weapons Program and " YOUR BOOKSHELF " What is YOUR BOOKSHELF ? Documents are digitally produced use Flipping Book Software. The documents are then uploaded to the Flipping Book cloud storage and retrieval systems called " YOUR BOOKSHELF " . As the name implies this a storage location for a specific user. Your Bookshelf ( library) provides the user an ease to use visual presentation of the documents placed in their BookShelf. The user of the documents is assigned one unique link that allows the person access to their Bookshelf. When a document is uploaded to their Bookshelf the user is sent an e mail notice of a new document. This method keeps documents out of e mail content and there is no chance of missing a module. The Rights and Responsibility Weapons Program The course is a combination of Online content and virtual or in person classroom presentation. The probation program is presented in a module format with each module delivered to the users (probationers) Bookshelf where it can be accessed used at the probationer’s discretion. The probationer can open and use the documents on the Bookshelf cloud or download as a PDF document to their computer. Downloading documents do not remove the original Individual modules are sent to the probationer in the order listed Below. The probationer will review the module content and complete an attached written test when necessary. The test results and user comments will be submitted to our office for correction and review. New modules are not submitted until previous ones are completed. This allows the probationer to focus on one module at a time and helps eliminate combining modules or browsing ahead which can lead to possible confusion and misinterpretation of material. Probation Presentation Advantages Convenience : The probationer can complete The Rights and Responsibility Weapons Program and continue with personal and work needs. They can proceed at their own pace if the program is completed in the designated time as applicable. The documents are not lost in e mail content. E mail filters - filters can be set that might block certain names such as firearm, guns, and weapons etc. from opening a website or document. With the BookShelf method the user is opening a nondescript link allowing that access to their Bookshelf, which then allows access to the documents.

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