Probation Weapons Training Program Introduction and Content

Probation Officer/Agent Contact List The following is a list of officers that have referred offenders to me for training and education.

Danielle Monnier District court 52-3 Ryan Bernier E Mail: District Ct. 52-3 Addison Stanley 52-3 District Court

Phone: 248-853-5553 Ashley Carter 52-3 District Court Phone: (248) 537-3640 Fax: (248) 299-7891 Stephen Rapeljie

6 th circuit court 248-655-1125 Brianne McGill MDOC Greenfield District Probation Detroit, Mi. 48325 Cell Phone: 313-378-8256 John M. Jeffries MDOC Wayne/Detroit Greenfield/Probation

(313) 927-2200 Latosha Bright Oakland/ Troy Probation Office: 248-655-1129 Cell: 248-709-9064 Heather Whited District Court 52-3 248-853-5553 248-299-7891

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