Probation Training Program Introduction and Content


Program Modules

There are 6 modules each designed to address and complete a specific topic .

Module One: Personal Information, and incident collection The person registering for the class is required to complete a form that includes personal contact information and facts regarding the violation and probation conditions. This provides me with information specific to the registrant and a means for the registrant to take personal interest in their training and responsibility for their actions. The penal codes and laws that have direct and indirect impact regarding the incident are part of module one.

• User estimated completion time: 1.0 hours Module Two: User Introduction to program content and study process. • Zoom Virtual classroom or phone contact • Time: 1.0 Hour

Module Three Study Guide: Pistol Safety ( Can be waived for convicted felons not allowed to possess a firearm). The pistol safety module will introduce the user to the best safe practices regarding firearms ownership at home, on the street, and during interstate travel. • 14-page study guide • one hour video • 25 question Written Test • Est time 3.0 Module Four Study Guide: Avoiding Criminal Attack and Controlling a Violent Encounter The necessity of learning how to avoid criminal attacks and if necessary, controlling a violent encounter is another useful tool used to help a person maintain a safe lifestyle and avoid future conflicts. • 14-page study guide • Video: Management of Aggressive Behavior -17 min • Video : Interpersonal Communication Skills – 28 min • 15 question written test • Est time 3.0 hours

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