Probation Training Program Introduction and Content


Michigan Weapons Violation Training Program Court ordered training for “Pistol Safety” or “Weapons” violations.

The term Pistol Safety Class or Weapons Safety Training is a generic term sometimes used as part of a condition of probation required for those convicted of Michigan Penal Code violations that usually involves some type of weapon. The weapons this term generally applies to are firearms, tasers, stun guns, pneumatic, pellet, BB guns, knives and other legal or illegal weapons. This is a blended learning program that allows the user to complete the training and maintain a normal lifestyle with no need to attend an in-person classroom setting. The training is done through an Online document study guide program and Zoom virtual classroom sessions. This is training designed to educate the offender regarding weapons and the law and to provide them with the tools and means of reducing the chance of a repeat offense. This is not training just because it is a condition of probation, and the person needs a certificate of completion. Here the offender will learn to use one of the best “weapons” to carry with them wherever they go. That weapon is “knowledge” and how to use it. Training is conducted for the individual offender. T his is not an open class with other people registered for the training. This is a 12-hour program t hat contains 5 instructor guided Online modules, with Online test and a person-to-person virtual classroom session. No firearms or ammunition . As a standard condition of probation, the offender is not allowed to handle or shoot a live fire gun or access to ammunition The laws are layered in local ordinances, state law and federal law including the ATF . Most people have never been introduced to the laws, where to find them and how to use them. Here we have consolidated the information into an easy-to-use format, along with support links to the most used websites and where to find specific sections of the law. When they complete the course , the user will have the tools to help keep them safe and avoid future violations of the law. They should never have to make an excuse for their actions and have to say, “ I didn’t know”. Because now they will know!

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