Probation Training Program Introduction and Content


Gerald Wrage 30 years’ experience as a professional instructor and training program development .

Skill Set and Job Experience NRA Certified Firearms Instructor NRA Certified Range Safety Officer

Former NRA Law enforcement handgun and shotgun instructor OCSD - R eserve officer, Reserve Training Sargent, and Park Deputy Securitas Security Services : Director and chief instructor of armed officer division. Job description included: Handgun Training, Pepper Spray, Defensive Tactics, Handcuffing and ASP Baton. Huffmaster Associates – Private Investigations and Security Special work assignments that required an armed PI and Bodyguard/personal protection details. Owner of Protect Systems Training Academy : Civilian, Security Guard and Law enforcement training. Only civilian owner and operator a Law enforcement grade shooting simulator. With use of force and training in the use handguns, rifles, shotguns, pepper spray and tasers. Expert witness testimony and depositions, with experience in misdemeanor, felony charges and prosecution. Concealed Pistol expert witness testimon y regarding concealed pistol Laws, legal Liability, and the use of a firearm in self-defense. Weapons violation education and training programs for Michigan Probation Departments • Reserve Police Academy • In-service training programs • Schoolcraft Collage Law Enforcement In-service Firearms and Police Shotgun Instructor certification course Detroit Police Academy - crime prevention school. The University of Louisville's National Crime Prevention Institute with special training in crime prevention and security. The Lethal Force Institute - training in the use of deadly force by civilians in self-defense. The National Criminal Justice Training Council - Law enforcement use of force Instructor. Partial list of Training and Education Oakland County Sheriff’s Dept.

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