Probation Training Program Introduction and Content


Written Test s T hree of the study modules that contain a total of 75 questions. Test questions are taken f rom the training content and are an important part of the learning process. The process of testing requires the user to study the content to answer the question. The testing software automatically records the log in / log out time and total time spent on the test. The time together with the score tells about the user s interest in improving their current situation and the ability to read and comprehend the material. When the tests are corrected, incorrect answers are marked, and the user is referred to the appropriate document page number for the correct answer. Additional comments are added as necessary. The t est are corrected to 100% to assure there are no unanswered questions. It is possible to get 100% if a person takes their time to do the work. When the modules are complete a zoom virtual meeting is schedule to review the tests and answer user questions.

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