Probation Training Program Introduction and Content

Michigan Weapons Violation s Offender Training and Education Specialists

Court Ordered Training for Misdemeanor and Felony Convictions

Program In troduction

Date: 3 / 15/2023


Table of Contents

What we do and how we do it

Introduction to the Michigan Weapons Violation Training Program

Training Modules

Program Delivery Method

The Training Process

Written Tests

Training Location

Instructor and Attorney

Probation Officer/Agent Contact List


Court ordered Training and Education

Standard probation conditions include:

• Obey all laws • Report as directed to a probation officer

• Pay all court-ordered fines, fees, and restitution • Maintain employment, school, or vocational training • Do not use or possess illegal drugs or weapons. and • Complete all court ordered training and/or education programs

What we do:

Our training is designed to educate the offender regarding weapons and the law and to provide them the tools and means of redu cing the chance of a repeat offense now and in the future. Training is designed to be used by all court jurisdictions and by any Michigan resident placed on probation for misdemeanor and felony convictions. How we do it: The course is a combination of instructor guided Online content and virtual classroom that can be used anywhere in the State of Michigan.


Michigan Weapons Violation Training Program Court ordered training for “Pistol Safety” or “Weapons” violations.

The term Pistol Safety Class or Weapons Safety Training is a generic term sometimes used as part of a condition of probation required for those convicted of Michigan Penal Code violations that usually involves some type of weapon. The weapons this term generally applies to are firearms, tasers, stun guns, pneumatic, pellet, BB guns, knives and other legal or illegal weapons. This is a blended learning program that allows the user to complete the training and maintain a normal lifestyle with no need to attend an in-person classroom setting. The training is done through an Online document study guide program and Zoom virtual classroom sessions. This is training designed to educate the offender regarding weapons and the law and to provide them with the tools and means of reducing the chance of a repeat offense. This is not training just because it is a condition of probation, and the person needs a certificate of completion. Here the offender will learn to use one of the best “weapons” to carry with them wherever they go. That weapon is “knowledge” and how to use it. Training is conducted for the individual offender. T his is not an open class with other people registered for the training. This is a 12-hour program t hat contains 5 instructor guided Online modules, with Online test and a person-to-person virtual classroom session. No firearms or ammunition . As a standard condition of probation, the offender is not allowed to handle or shoot a live fire gun or access to ammunition The laws are layered in local ordinances, state law and federal law including the ATF . Most people have never been introduced to the laws, where to find them and how to use them. Here we have consolidated the information into an easy-to-use format, along with support links to the most used websites and where to find specific sections of the law. When they complete the course , the user will have the tools to help keep them safe and avoid future violations of the law. They should never have to make an excuse for their actions and have to say, “ I didn’t know”. Because now they will know!


Program Modules

There are 6 modules each designed to address and complete a specific topic .

Module One: Personal Information, and incident collection The person registering for the class is required to complete a form that includes personal contact information and facts regarding the violation and probation conditions. This provides me with information specific to the registrant and a means for the registrant to take personal interest in their training and responsibility for their actions. The penal codes and laws that have direct and indirect impact regarding the incident are part of module one.

• User estimated completion time: 1.0 hours Module Two: User Introduction to program content and study process. • Zoom Virtual classroom or phone contact • Time: 1.0 Hour

Module Three Study Guide: Pistol Safety ( Can be waived for convicted felons not allowed to possess a firearm). The pistol safety module will introduce the user to the best safe practices regarding firearms ownership at home, on the street, and during interstate travel. • 14-page study guide • one hour video • 25 question Written Test • Est time 3.0 Module Four Study Guide: Avoiding Criminal Attack and Controlling a Violent Encounter The necessity of learning how to avoid criminal attacks and if necessary, controlling a violent encounter is another useful tool used to help a person maintain a safe lifestyle and avoid future conflicts. • 14-page study guide • Video: Management of Aggressive Behavior -17 min • Video : Interpersonal Communication Skills – 28 min • 15 question written test • Est time 3.0 hours


Module Five Study Guide: Weapons the law and Legal Liability The Weapons Law section is designed to show and explain how to access and use weapons laws and avoid future conflicts with the law. It is not unusual that even people with the best intentions may not know where to find, interpret and apply the laws and procedures necessary to legally own and use various weapons. The laws are layered in local ordinances, state law and federal law including the ATF. We have consolidated the information in an easy-to- use format, along support documents and links to the most used websites. • 69 Page Study Guide • 40 Question Written Test • Est time: 3.0 hours

Module Six: Zoom Virtual classroom • Review written tests • Student question and answer time • Issue Certificate • Time: 2.0 hours

Support Documents Useful links to most used websites and resources designed to support the user of the study guide.

Estimated time is 12.0



Program Delivery Method

Document are uploaded and Stored in our cloud-based Bookshelf Storage and Retrieval System.

What is Your BookShelf? Documents are digitally produced use Flipping Book Software. The documents are then uploaded to the Flipping Book cloud storage and retrieval systems called YOUR BOOKSHELF . As the name implies this a storage location for a specific user. Your Bookshelf ( library) provides the user an easy-to-use visual presentation of the documents placed in their BookShelf. The user of the documents is assigned one unique link that allows the person access to their Bookshelf. When a document is uploaded to their Bookshelf the user is sent an e mail notice of a new document. This method keeps documents out of e mail content and there is no chance of missing a module. The probation program is presented in a module format with each module delivered to the users (probationers) Bookshelf where it can be accessed used at the probationer’s discretion. The probationer can open and use the documents on the Bookshelf cloud or download as a PDF document to their computer. Downloading documents do not remove the original Individual modules are sent to the probationer in the order of use. The probationer will then review the content and complete an attached written test for the module. The test results and user comments will be submitted to our office for correction and review. New modules are not submitted until previous ones are completed. This requires the probationer to focus on one module at a time and helps eliminate combining modules or browsing ahead which can lead to possible confusion and misinterpretation of material. Digital Bookshelf Advantages • Convenience : The probationer can complete a weapons course and continue with personal and work needs. They can proceed at their own pace as long as the program is completed in the designated time as applicable. • No lost documents - The documents are not lost in e mail content. • Saves computer storage space – documents do not have to be stored on a computer hard drive. • E mail filters - filters can be set that might block certain names such as firearm, guns, and weapons etc. from opening a website or document. With the BookShelf method the user is opening a nondescript link allowing that access to their Bookshelf, which then allows access to the documents.


Learn More about BookShelf

Users BookShelf

BookShelf Cloud based Visual Storage and Retrieval Process

Click on bookshelf above to see example program modules. Click on module to use document.

The user can open and use the documents on the cloud platform or downloaded them as a PDF to their computer.

1. T he training modules are uploaded to the users Bookshelf by the Instructor 2. The user is sent a e mail notice that a new document is in their bookshelf with a link to their Bookshelf.


The Training Process: 1. The person registers for class by completing the personal information and violation incident form. 2. The Study Guide Modules are sent to the person using our cloud-based Bookshelf Storage and retrieval System. 3. The user is contacted to set a zoom virtual meeting. The program content and process are explained to the person. 4. The person completes one study module at a time and submits the attached written test. 5. The module test is submitted to our office for review and correction and then returned to user. The process is repeated until all modules are done. 6. A Virtual classroom session is scheduled. Topics include but are not limited to the following: • Review corrected written tests to validate user knowledge • Oral review of selected module contents • Answer user questions. 7. The final process • Create a certificate of completion • Send copies of certificate and training documents to user and probation officer. Total User Time: Approximate Hours -1 2 .0 Expected days to complete course is 30- 45 days


Written Test s T hree of the study modules that contain a total of 75 questions. Test questions are taken f rom the training content and are an important part of the learning process. The process of testing requires the user to study the content to answer the question. The testing software automatically records the log in / log out time and total time spent on the test. The time together with the score tells about the user s interest in improving their current situation and the ability to read and comprehend the material. When the tests are corrected, incorrect answers are marked, and the user is referred to the appropriate document page number for the correct answer. Additional comments are added as necessary. The t est are corrected to 100% to assure there are no unanswered questions. It is possible to get 100% if a person takes their time to do the work. When the modules are complete a zoom virtual meeting is schedule to review the tests and answer user questions.


Protect Systems Training Academy DBA Handgun Training Specialists

Training Location

Office Virtual Classroom Training Training Program Production Address 556 Tennyson Rochester Hills, Mi. 48307 248-309-9579

Classroom Training 1681 E. Auburn RD, Ste. F , Rochester Hills, Mi. 48307 S cheduled by appointment only 248-309-9579

6559 Dixie Highway Clarkston, Ml 48346

Phone: 248-625-3551


I nstructor

Gerald Wrage: Owner NRA Firearms Instructor NRA Range Safety Officer NRA Law Enforcement Instructor

Firearms Law and Use of Force Instructor Former law enforcement and training sergeant Crime Prevention Specialist

Michael S. Klockow, Esq Attorney and Counselor Concealed Pistol Arrests and Violations Firearms legal issues


Gerald Wrage 30 years’ experience as a professional instructor and training program development .

Skill Set and Job Experience NRA Certified Firearms Instructor NRA Certified Range Safety Officer

Former NRA Law enforcement handgun and shotgun instructor OCSD - R eserve officer, Reserve Training Sargent, and Park Deputy Securitas Security Services : Director and chief instructor of armed officer division. Job description included: Handgun Training, Pepper Spray, Defensive Tactics, Handcuffing and ASP Baton. Huffmaster Associates – Private Investigations and Security Special work assignments that required an armed PI and Bodyguard/personal protection details. Owner of Protect Systems Training Academy : Civilian, Security Guard and Law enforcement training. Only civilian owner and operator a Law enforcement grade shooting simulator. With use of force and training in the use handguns, rifles, shotguns, pepper spray and tasers. Expert witness testimony and depositions, with experience in misdemeanor, felony charges and prosecution. Concealed Pistol expert witness testimon y regarding concealed pistol Laws, legal Liability, and the use of a firearm in self-defense. Weapons violation education and training programs for Michigan Probation Departments • Reserve Police Academy • In-service training programs • Schoolcraft Collage Law Enforcement In-service Firearms and Police Shotgun Instructor certification course Detroit Police Academy - crime prevention school. The University of Louisville's National Crime Prevention Institute with special training in crime prevention and security. The Lethal Force Institute - training in the use of deadly force by civilians in self-defense. The National Criminal Justice Training Council - Law enforcement use of force Instructor. Partial list of Training and Education Oakland County Sheriff’s Dept.




Probation Officer/Agent Contact List

The following are a list of officers that I have provided offender training and education services

Danielle Monnier District court 52-3

Ryan Bernier E Mail: District Ct. 52-3

Addison Stanley Probation Officer 52-3 District Court Phone: 248-853-5553 Fax: 248-299-7891 Ashley Carter 52-3 District Court Phone: (248) 537-3640 Fax: (248) 299-7891 Stephen Rapeljie 6 th circuit court 248-655-1125

Brianne McGill MDOC Greenfield District Probation 16820 James Couzens Detroit, Mi. 48325 Cell Phone: 313-378-8256

John M. Jeffries MDOC Wayne/Detroit Greenfield/Probation (313) 927-2200


For more information contact us Handgun Training Specialists A Division of Protect Systems Training Academy Phone Phone or text: 248-309-9579

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