Concealed Pistol Registration and Content Process

Concealed Pistol Class Registration and Content Process

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Payment option can be made in two parts. $125.00 to register download manual and start training. $ 125.00 at the end of range time (see payment and registration form)

Individual Registration: $250.00 Additional person: $75.00

The Registration process: 1. Register and payment selection are on same form 2. Complete the form

3. Click on the next button at bottom of form page 4. This will take to the PayPal order summary 5. Click continue to PayPal and you will have the option to use credit card or a PayPal account if you have one.

6. Make payment and you will be redirected to the CPL Online digital document in the Bookshelf format. - Click on the module to open and use or download as PDF document to computer.

Registration fee includes the following: • I nstructor Fees • 170- page CPL study manual • 40 - page shooting skills manual designed for new shooter CPL applicant • Guide to Handgun Cleaning • Zoom virtual classroom • In person classroom rental fees • One hour range time 30.00 Optional Range equipment included in fee:

• Eye and ear protection • The use of our handguns • .22 Ruger semi auto • Glock 19 9mm semi auto • Smith and Wesson 38 caliber revolver

Range time is usually 2 hours: Times can very based on the applicants shooting Skills. The classroom range preparation session is designed to minimize range cost and help produce a confident and safe shooter. The student can expect to fire approximately 50 -100 rounds of ammunitio n.

CPL Registration and BookShelf Document Presentation Process What is your Bookshelf?

CPL Documents are digitally produced using Flipping Book Software. The documents are then uploaded to the Flipping Book cloud storage and retrieval systems called Bookshelf. This provides the user an ease to use visual presentation of the documents placed in their BookShelf. When a person registers and processes their payment for the class they will receive the bookshelf of training documents on their computer as seen below. This is the same process as if you were purchasing a book or other document.

Here is where you will find the complete manual, individual study module and training aids. The Bookshelf contains 9 documents. The complete 170-page master Manual 6 study modules Module 1 - NRA Module 2 - State Firearms Law and Legal Liability Module 3 - Federal and ATF Laws Module 4 - Avoiding Criminal Attack

Module 5 - Use of Deadly Force in Self Defense Module Module 6 - Handgun Operation and Shooting Skills Training 2 Training Aid Modules Module 7- Semi Auto Training Aid Module 8 - Handgun Cleaning Instructor and Training Locations section

Study modules are separated o ut of the main book for easy recognition and use. Each study module represents a specific part of the training called for under Michigan law Act 372 of 1927 section 28.425j initial CPL Pistol training or safety program. To use, just click on the module to open and use. The user of the documents will have a link that allows the person access to the Bookshelf at their convenience. Your bookshelf and documents will always be there when you need them. The user can open and use the documents on the Bookshelf cloud or download as a PDF documen t to their computer. Downloading documents does not remove the original form the cloud.

BookShelf Advantages

1. All documents stored in one location 2. Cloud storage can saves space on your computer 3. Convenience : The user can complete the CPL self-study modules and continue with personal, and work needs. There is no time limit, and they can proceed at their own pace. 4. No lost documents - The documents are not sent as an e mail attachment. 5. E mail filters can be set that might block certain names such as firearm, guns, and weapons etc. from opening a website or document. With the BookShelf method the user opens a nondescript link allowing access to their Bookshelf, which then allows access to the documents.

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