CPL Introduction and Registration Guide 2023

Day 2 - P art 3. Handgun Operation and Shooting Skills. Objective - Preparation for live fire range. Hands on classroom training 4.0 - 5.0 hours In person classroom training that is a key element for all shooters. Especially new shooters and those with little background in handgun shooting or have purchased a new handgun – The student will learn: • Handgun operation • The fundamentals of shooting skills. • Handgun Cleaning • Practice the concealed pistol course of fire shooting using our Glock laser handgun. Day 3 Part 4. Live Fire range Objective – Shooting skill and CPL Qualification 2- 3 hours range time 1. The student will learn and demonstrate live fire shooting skills. 2. The student will shoot the CPL course of fire. This is usually divided into 2 parts on the same day with breaks between 1 and 2.

Times may vary based on previous experience and skills

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