CPL Introduction and Registration Guide 2023

Training Process This is a 3-day program with self- Study content.

24/7 registration - Your training starts when you register and download the Online CPL training manual. This is a 155-page ,7-part manual that contains the training requirements under Michigan section 28.425j, Pistol training or safety program. Each module has its own written test. Part 1. Self-Study Module – Est Time 5 .0 hours No time limit - Study at your own pace Objective : Student prepare for parts 2 and 3 of the training process. Complete the 6 study modules and enclosed written the tests. Submit the test to our office. I will correct the tests and return them to the applicant. When the module tests are completed. I will notify you to set up a zoom virtual classroom. Written tests are designed to evaluate student knowledge before virtual classroom.

Parts 2 and 3 are Student and Instructor Classroom - 8.0 hrs

Day 1 Part 2. : Zoom virtual classroom training. 3.0 - hours Objective: PowerPoint NRA PPITH Class content

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